• Three-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

    The TJF series variable frequency adjustable speed three-phase permanent magnet synchronous servo motor is an advanced product developed by our company. It incorporates the new trends in motor development and the technical features of variable frequency motors. The new AC variable frequency adjustable speed three-phase permanent magnet synchronous servo motor is paired with a frequency converter to form an ideal speed control drive system.

  • Three-phase Rare Earth permanent magnet synchronous Motor

    The three-phase rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor that was independently developed and designed by our company is an energy-efficient motor. This motor utilizes permanent magnet materials to generate a magnetic field, eliminating the need for an excitation current. It boasts high efficiency, simple structure, and reliable operation. Additionally, it features a compact size and lightweight design. The motor can achieve high performance that traditional electric excitation motors cannot match, such as ultra-high efficiency, ultra-high speed, and ultra-high response speed. It can also be customized to meet specific operational requirements, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including machinery, fans, pumps, textiles, chemical engineering, petroleum, power generation, compressors, injection molding machines, and crushers.

  • Three-phase Explosion-proof Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

    Three-phase explosion-proof permanent magnet synchronous motor is a newly developed and designed explosion-proof permanent magnet synchronous motor based on a permanent magnet synchronous motor. This motor is not only efficient and energy-efficient, but also simple in structure, reliable in operation, and can completely replace YB2, YB3, and other blast-proof asynchronous motors. With the explosion-proof mark of Exd II BT4Gb, this motor can be applied to petroleum, chemical industry, grain and oil, paper-making, medicine, textile, and other flammable and explosive occasions.

  • Three-phase Water-cooling Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

    The three-phase water-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor is designed to deliver the good performance characteristics of permanent magnet motors, encompassing both high-speed and low-speed variants. These motors are specifically engineered to thrive in high-temperature environments, thanks to their innovative closed-loop water cooling system that can withstand high temperatures and humidity levels. They are ideally suited for applications in various industries, including military, metallurgy, steel, rubber, and pharmaceuticals, where traditional fan cooling methods may not be feasible.

  • High-temperature Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Forming Machines

    High-temperature resistance permanent magnet synchronous motor is specially designed for the high-temperature environment in the setting machine. This motor adopts high high-temperature permanent magnet and is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 200 degrees. It is also engineered to operate efficiently in high-temperature conditions for extended periods without experiencing demagnetization or loss of magnetic properties, thereby achieving energy savings and reducing electricity consumption.

  • Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Water Jet Looms

    The Spray Jet Loom Permanent Magnet Motor adopts an advanced rare earth material excitation method to significantly enhance efficiency and power factor compared to conventional asynchronous motors of the same power rating. This advanced motor boasts several advantages, including a high starting torque, low temperature rise, reliable operation, and an aesthetically pleasing design. By replacing traditional asynchronous motors with this series of permanent magnet motors, substantial savings can be achieved annually in terms of active power consumption, reactive power compensation, and line loss reduction. The overall energy savings can range from 10% to 30%. The motor's protection and insulation levels can be customized according to customer requirements, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to various applications. The cooling method employed is IC411, which is an industry-standard approach for maintaining optimal performance. Additionally, the motor's dimensions and mounting specifications are identical to those of the Y series motors, providing good interchangeability and ease of integration.

  • Ultra-light Mobile Permanent Magnet Emergency Pump

    The ultra-lightweight portable permanent magnet emergency pump has extensively incorporated the technical merits of similar products from both domestic and international sources. It utilizes an efficient water pump hydraulic model and a high-performance lightweight permanent magnet motor design. The pump's inlet channel and the motor's electromagnetic performance have been optimized, resulting in a product that is lightweight, fast, safe, reliable, easy to install and maintain, highly efficient in draining, and has a long service life. Compared to other domestic manufacturers, this product boasts lighter weight, smaller dimensions, and a more rational on-vehicle layout. The high-flow ultra-lightweight emergency pump is widely applicable in various projects, including municipal engineering, construction, sewage treatment, rainwater pumping, and hydraulic irrigation.

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Jinyi Motor's are widely used in various industries, including power, machinery, petroleum, mining, metallurgy, transportation, chemical, chemical fiber, textile, papermaking, rubber and plastic, air compressors, fans, water conservancy, and military. Our products are not only popular across more than 20 provinces and cities in China but also exported to countries such as Russia, Central Asia, and Europe.

Company Profile

Located in the picturesque city of Shengzhou, renowned as the birthplace of electric motors in China, JINYI is within the Sanwang Industrial Park of Shengzhou City. The company enjoys convenient transportation, being approximately 10 km from the Shengzhou exit of the Shangsan Expressway and just 1 km from the Ningjin Expressway exit. Spanning an expansive area of more than 15,600 square meters and more than 10,000 square meters of construction area, JINYI now has a team of more than 100 employees, including 15 specialized technical professionals. The company's high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor has more than 1000 kinds of specifications, with power ratings ranging from 0.37kW to 1000kW, placing it at the forefront of its domestic peers with an annual production capacity exceeding 100,000 kilowatts.

As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of permanent magnet synchronous motors, JINYI is dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of mid-to-high-end motor products. Recognized as a qualified enterprise for the National Energy-saving and People's Livelihood Project, the company enjoys financial support from both central and local governments. Over the years, JINYI has been honored with numerous accolades, including "National High-tech Enterprise," "Zhejiang Manufacturing Brand Enterprise," "Specialized, Fined, Peculiar, and Innovative (SFPI) Small and Medium-sized Enterprise in Zhejiang Province," "High-growth Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprise in Zhejiang Province," "Honest and Law-abiding Demonstration Enterprise," "Innovative and Excellent Demonstration Brand Unit in Zhejiang Province," "Enterprise Innovation Award," and "Third Prize of Zhejiang Machinery Industry Science and Technology." The company's commitment to innovation has resulted in the acquisition of 11 invention patents, 24 utility model patents, and 1 design patent. Adhering to the corporate philosophy of "survive by quality, develop on innovation, and customer first," JINYI consistently applies this principle in its business management and operational approach.

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